Slave Academy by Claire Thompson

Slave Academy by Claire 5 Star Read
Published by Romance Unbound


An exhibit of BDSM photography ignites a secret longing for erotic sexual submission in a small town. Forcibly abducted, one woman must find the courage to escape. Another will discover the allure of consensual slavery. A man hopes that by learning to transcend the barriers of erotic pain he can become the Dom he longs to be.

Slave Academy will be the touchstone for them all.

These stories weave together into an erotic, and sometimes dark and dangerous, exchange of power that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

My Thoughts:

I have to say that when Claire decides to put her fingers to her keyboard and bring those characters of hers to life, she does it with a finesse that absolutely captivates me. She brings them to life, she makes them real breathing people and ones I still want to meet. This is a M/F BDSM read, totally not what I read but when this author writes, I’m drawn to her.

Slave Academy is like three stories in one. We have Master Jade and Ava, Mistress Ashlyn and Master Peter, Master Nick and Sienna. We are taken away from this world and set gently to a place called Bell Academy where we meet Master Louis who started it all and his slave-wife Annette. Each of the pairs I named off either work as a Master or Mistress as trainers at the Academy and each of them find their other halves during this time.

Lets start with Ava first…I connected to her very strongly throughout her story. She’s in her mid 40’s, she was married for about 30 yrs and has children. We meet her on her lunch break in an art gallery where she sees and is mesmerized by a picture of a woman standing on blocks of wood. “The woman in the photo was naked, save for the knotted rope wound in intricate patterns over her slender body. The rope circled tightly around her breasts and ran down between her legs, pulled hard against her bare, shaven sex in a way that had to be painful.” And Ava wanted that, though she tried a few times to submit to various “Masters” it didn’t end well and she stopped trying to find that one Master who would teach her what it meant to totally trust someone enough to totally give herself over completely. Her husband passed away before the start of this story and she and he never practiced the lifestyle, so basically she is new to it. As she is in the gallery studying the bound woman she meets Jude and though he’s younger, he sees nothing but beauty in the older woman, and their story is just awesome. It was my favorite of the three.

Next is Mistress Ashlynn and Master Peter. Both Dom’s. Both single and both trainers at the Bell Academy. Master Peter went to the academy for help in learning how to wield a cane properly. He had some sort of confidence issue he was dealing with and Mistress Ashlynn was the trainer to help him through that. When in fact, they needed and helped each other. They had a cute story.

The last is the darkest of the three offered in this book. Young Sienna is a submissive at heart and she’s dating and living with one named Bryce and let me tell you. This story here had my blood moving a bit. When sweet Sienna suggests that they attend the academy for a week to be trained as Master/slave, he gets the wrong message, gets very bent out of shape and instead of doing things the right way, he goes about it all wrong. This story here shows the difference between what BDSM is and what abuse is….and how so very different they are.

Claire did an amazing job, yet again, in showing that BDSM is NOT abuse by any means. IT is however a complete surrender of the body and the spirit of the submissive person given over to someone who they trust. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with romance and love in a BDSM relationship.


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