Racing to Catch Up

I don’t know about you but when I am away from my computer for any length of time…lets say two weeks, my whole universe goes nutty. I’m not even kidding. Being a reviewer and a writer, the computer is my source of life, so to speak. So just getting back from said two week break my whole universe did topple a bit. I’m terribly behind on so much, especially with the review site. So, since Saturday I’ve been working with it balls to the wall. Took Saturday and Sunday to get as far as I did with it. And it’s good for now.

As far as my own reading goes? Well, I made arrangements with Torquere Press to spotlight their authors because I don’t think they have been, or if they have been, not enough. So, Top 2 Bottom will be spotlighting them and to do that, I need to get their books read so I can offer visitors the interviews and reviews.

On top of that, I’m proofing the print version of XBar, my next release due out soon. But I have decided this…for me…for every three MM book I read, I’m going to step away and read outside of the Genre. I think it’s important not to get stuck in one area, because there are so many awesome stories just waiting for me. I want to get caught up with John Saul, he’s my favorite non-MM writer, then next to him is John Hart, and Johanna Lindsey if I need a bit of romance. Some of Stephen Kings books really are awesome too.

So, though I can’t post here everyday, as I have those other obligations and my own writing to do get done, I’ll post as often as I can.

Cioa’ for now!


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