When will we learn?


I must ask…Do you think it’s okay to bully/pick on people “below” you? OR I should say…people you THINK are below you? Especially, if the one doing the picking, is or considers itself someone “special?” I’m willing to bet you’ll say no.

Let me also ask, if you saw, read, heard one of your idols… I do hate that word, simply because we are all the same, just diverse with different genetic patterns…so let me replace that “idol” word with someone you admire for whatever reason…they, it, s/he could be a writer, an actor, a musician, hell, anyone famous or thinks they are famous, would you go along with that person if you caught it picking on, laughing at, bullying someone else just because they do it?

Lord help your soul if you do.

And if you do, if you’re that weak of a person, please I ask that you look up there to the right of the page and hit that X.

Bullying of any sort, from anyone in today’s society is something I will not tolerate, is something that none of us should tolerate. And if you do, because your so called idol does, shame on you. We are to stand against bullies and that means we stand against ALL bullies. And to think this so called public figure makes money off the very people it picks on. TSK

Public figures that bully, and I do not care if it’s in jest, should be taken down and thrown away. There is no excuse and there is no room for it. Everyone can be replaced.



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