As I See It 2

As I See It


Hump Daaay!! Ha! That damn camel from that Geico commercial comes to mind right? Admit it! It’s so stupid it’s funny.


Anyways… I worked too hard today. I’m brain fried. Or is that a fried brain? Who cares. Point is my head isn’t working with my fingers. I spend much of my day interviewing people or listening to calls. That has a way of killing the muse at times. My muse never woke up today. Brat!

I have to share this with you because there is no way it’s going to sit in my head and only in my head. I was looking for a video and somehow or another ended up looking on Yahoo instead of Youtube. Why? Look up to the last paragraph. And what I saw I can’t unsee and I want to unsee! I tried finding a commercial that makes me laugh every time it comes on and because I write what I do, I have the safety option turned off on all the search engines I use to do research. For the love of all that’s pure and innocent!!! Yahoo really made me almost throw up. Not even kidding. I’m disturbed and I need a strong drink. Small problem there. I don’t drink. So, while looking for that commercial I came across a damn video of beastiality. NO! I did NOT watch it. The clip on the screen hurt my eyeballs! What is wrong with people??? They are sick! Sick! Sick people I tell you. I mean who the hell does that shit? I know and have known it’s out there, however I never went looking for it and I refuse to write it. It’s just downright disgusting and people who do that need to be shot. In the head. Twice. My pure innocent eyes are hurting and my brain went into OHNOSHEDIDN’T!! drive. BLECH!

Okay, I need happy. I need something sweet. HA! I say this now and my mom brings me a cupcake with pink frosting and OMG! It’s hellish sweet.

Here’s something awesome I found when I went to check my email earlier. I have to say it’s pretty awesome and I hope you all share this with everyone you know. These kids are amazing!

 Follow Link Here


Chat tomorrow!!


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