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River of Tears is based on a series of true events

In 2009 I took a step that changed me for the better, though some would disagree I’m sure. Matters not. I did it. I published my very first book. That’s something I’d wanted to do since I was a little girl.

River of Tears has been released. The final edition. I’ve learned a lot since I released it in 2009. I’ve become a stronger writer. One who knows how to make you feel, even if you don’t want to. I take pride in that ability. While I continue to grow as a writer, a story-teller, my River is one that I’m super proud of.

It’s about something that isn’t often written about. Not to say it hasn’t been done, I mean there’s all sorts of stories that deal with adults who come up missing and end up dead-mostly due to money, ransom issues. Not many of them, if any, have to do with that adults family being the nappers. This story is based off of true events and real people. In fact, I know the people very well. What’s between the covers of that story is one hell of a powerful testimony given to you by the people who lived it.

Recently, the man who took a secondary role in the story, Brad is his name, died last month. His real name was Johnny. His part in the story is real. And before I sent the book to print, I revised it and added a memorial at the end of the story….Here’s the picture of the people this story is about: Caiden and Brad 1

Well, in part…the guy at the left is Caiden, and the story was inspired by the events in his real life. The guy on the right is Brad, Caiden’s best friend in the story, and in real life, Franks best friend, Johnny.

One friend is all we need to get from point A to Z. One friend who knows you better than you know yourself. One friend to make you laugh when you need to cry. One friend to hold you up when all you want to do is fall. One friend. That’s who Johnny was to and for Frank. And, yes, it was the other way as well. They were best friends. They had each others backs. Then they grew up and went their ways, but in the end, it’s the picture you see, they never stopped being best friends to the end.

River of Tears isn’t about Brad, but he plays a big part in it. River of Tears is about adult kidnapping. And when I say kidnapping I mean kidnapping. Physically. But have you thought about emotional kidnapping? Yeah, that does exist and that is what I lived through….So, to read this story is to read some of my life. What’s true and what’s not? Interesting, right?


River of Tears is about a woman’s struggle as she searches for her missing husband, which leads to shocking revelations about him, his family, and the crime of adult kidnapping.

Abby meets Caiden when she is sixteen years old at nineteen they marry and after seven years of marriage it ends. She is left alone with her children and the bloody clothes Caiden was last seen in.

Knowing her husband isn’t dead, Abby begins a search that takes her from Arizona to Arkansas and lasts for a span of eight years.

More determined than ever to locate her husband, before he’s killed, Abby hires a private investigator who opens the doors to Caiden’s private world of hell.

Buy Link: River of Tears


Fiction has lost it’s fiction

1960101_747103341974769_722064445_nI came across this picture/ quote today on Facebook and I’ve been wanting to write a blog on this very thing for quite sometime. I just never have the time. Imagine that.

So, I’m taking the time now to do so.

According to Fiction is defined as:


1. the class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, especially in prose form.
2. works of this class, as novels or short stories: detective fiction.
3. something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story: We’ve all heard the fiction of her being in delicate health.
4. the act of feigning, inventing, or imagining.
5. an imaginary thing or event, postulated for the purposes of argument or explanation.
Here’s the link to see it yourself:
Where up there does it say anything about “reality” or “keeping it as close to reality as possible?” Not a single place. Fiction is imagination is over-drive with added excitement and thrills to help the reader “escape” the reality of life. IMO anyway…and it’s very closely related to how it’s defined.
For fun I looked up Non-fiction:
1. writing dealing with facts and events rather than imaginative narration
OH! Look at that…dealing with FACTS and events RATHER than IMAGINATIVE narration. (Rather than FICTION)
Which brings us to why I’ve been wanting to create this blog/post for a long time. OH, for about four years or so…Why?
I’ll say the biggest reason is because not only do I review FICTION books, but I write them too. And when I happen upon a review done by others and they say things along the lines of: “Well, that’s just not possible, that’s not how it works, that’s so not true, it took me out of the story because it’s not REALISTIC!”
Excuse me but WHAT?! Fiction stories are NOT real stories to start with. So, why in the name of hell would one want to have REALISM in a fictional story? If that’s the case, why not go pick up a NON-FICTION book and read that? Then one can get all the boring they want. OR learn all they want. OR experience all they want. Why do people who buy/borrow/steal a fiction story then piece by piece chop it up because it’s sooo unrealistic? See, that’s the point of a fictional story…its NOT meant to be realistic. It’s meant to take one away on a journey to a pretend land, place, with pretend people to see and read about their pretend lives. And it does NOT have to be labeled in the fictional section as “fantasy,” either. Not all fictional stories are fantasy. They are meant to resemble realistic situations but are not. And for those who can’t figure out the difference between fiction and non-fiction…um…perhaps close your eyes and try to allow your mind to relax and accept this for what it is.
When I see a review done on a fiction story and the reviewer/reader says something along the lines of: “It’s NOT realistic,” “It’s not the way it’s really done.” “Oh that character is so far out there I find it impossible to believe in him/her/it.” I want to scream.
I want so ask that person a few questions. So, since I can’t ask any single person in fear of setting said person off to then turn around and say: “OH, she’s a RANTING author. She’s behaving badly.”     (eye roll here)  As an author one can’t ask the reviewer/reader why they say such a thing in today’s world. They’ll develop a bad rap before you can snap your fingers. Don’t believe me? Just look up: Badly behaving authors…make sure you use the MM Genre when doing so. I totally understand why many of those labeled with the tag: Badly behaving author, are in that folder to start with. Many readers/reviewers don’t like just one thing, just one character, just one scene and voice their opinion, then others chime in to agree with the leader of the pack…(I guess they must find a place to fit in.)
One of my characters from the Lethal Obsession series is very flamboyant and very chatty and very loving, he’s someone I wouldn’t mind having in my life. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, he’s not ashamed of who he is, he’s proud to be gay, and loves his family dearly. He is who he is. Love him or leave him alone. But guess what…he’s NOT real… however, in saying that, there are men out in this big world who ARE just like him. So, when I was shown a review that someone wrote on that story and picked on Nicholas, I wanted to blow. How dare she say he’s fake and annoying and she could not stand  him due to his “ways” that she hated the story, and refused to finish the book. NEVER mind the fact that the story is incredibly deep on a level I don’t think she could get her mind to grab, never mind the fact that the story has more than ONE damn meaning. OH and lets not forget… When I write a story…the plot isn’t about sex. Can that story make it if I took out the sex scenes? YES. I’d rather not write a story with sex,  because that’s not the main focal point for my characters.  They find themselves in rather sticky situations and they don’t have time to stop what they’re doing to get off.  I like to say that or think that, we are only seeing a small part of these characters lives, and since I’m big on plot and characterization I’d rather spend that time writing for them showing what makes that part of their lives, or focusing on a special event in their lives that makes it story worthy. That’s my philosophy though.”He’s not realistic.” “He’s too gay.” “He’s like a kid.” I want to ask that individual how often s/he gets out to meet the people in the REAL world, not the so called fictional world created by a person who writes about pretend people in a pretend world, what in the name of hell is wrong with you? THERE are men just like him. Open your mind and eyes a bit. AND even IF there weren’t guess what? It’s a fictional character in a fictional story.
Soap operas- Fictional to the nth degree. Why are we so ready to get lost in a soap opera and take it for what it is, yet not able to take a fictional book the same way. There are characters that you love to hate and hate to love. There are story lines that really make no sense on any level and some that do.  Plot holes galore. I mean come on, when was the last time you saw one of them dressed in jeans with holes in them. OR living in a trailer in   a trailer park?  Better yet…do they even work? Sure, we “see” them in their offices, but you can bet they aren’t working. More often than not they’re either getting it on over the desk or fighting. That’s ALL they do while at work…and not all of them work. I suppose they stepped into money.
So, what’s the difference between the soap opera and a fictional story?
When I write a story, and I write deep angsty stuff that deals with “what could”‘ be happening, what probably has happened, what probably will happen, and what probably is happening, it’s still a fictional account of my characters and their fictional lives. Who gives anyone the right to say “It’s not really that way.” or “So unrealistic I had a hard time getting into it.” OR my least favorite of all time: “People aren’t like that.” I want to have a one on one with that person and ask “How do you know? It’s FICTION. It’s MADE up. It’s NOT meant to be real. It’s not a true story. It’s a story written by characters in my head that aren’t real to anyone but perhaps myself.”
Do you know how long research takes to write a fictional story? WE do have to put “realistic” parts that others probably don’t even thought to, just so that story is with the times and the characters are not using items that perhaps weren’t available to them at the time the story takes place. In writing Deserted I came up against this: Cell phones. I ended up cutting a scene that had dealt with one of the characters using his cell, but the story takes place in the 90’s. Have to keep them in order on a time line. And naturally I had something along the lines that the character had a touch screen. Then added a GPS feature. I read it over and realized that back then, we didn’t have touch screens as we do today and the GPS feature in the phones then are nothing like they are today. The scene wasn’t cut due to the phone, though. It was cut because it was in the first draft and no longer necessary by the second/third go over.
In that, fictional books do take some research so they don’t throw a reader out of the story over the small stuff. But when it comes to the characters and what’s going on during that time of their lives, take it for what it is. Allow yourself to believe. Not everything has to be real.

Lethal Obsession: Deserted

lethal obsession deserted coverThis is the cover to the latest Lethal story. It’s been ready for about a year but with my ups and downs the release of it has taken a bit. One of the problems I had was locating an editor. They are expensive when you’re a self published author such as myself. I made myself a promise and it’s one I’m keeping. I will not sell the rights of my boys/guys in the Lethal series/ or the Behind Blue Eyes series to a publisher. I have my own reasons and we’ll save that for another day.

That lovely cover was done by the one and only Zathyn Priest. When I saw it on his site I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the man sitting in that chair was my Carl, just as he was in the opening of the story. I’m not kidding. Just wait till you read it.

Anyway, I don’t get tons of fan mail asking about the next Lethal book, but I do get a few questions about it on Facebook and it just so happens that the last time I was asked I went ahead and gave this very sweet reviewer/author an ARC unedited copy of Deserted.

She played a trick on me. She posted the review and I had no idea so it was a pleasant surprise to see it when I did. Especially that the 19th is my anniversary from my estranged husband. It’s tough to be honest. We spent almost thirty years together. We had a lot together, we still have a lot together. Just not each other.

So, seeing this teaser review made my week. Well, being alive is awesome in itself but to see one of my Lethal fans so excited and then read what she wrote about it, added to the happy of life.

Deserted has gone off to Jeff Erno for edits. I don’t yet have a release date, but it’ll be soon. We plan on selling it someplace new and special. More to come on that.

If you are one of the devoted Lethal fans, thank you for your patience on this release. It’s been a hard two years. Very hard.

Anyway, here’s a copy and the link to the review of Lethal Obsession: Deserted which is Carl and Lucca’s story pre-Lethal Obsession: Caged. If you read that one you’ll know there was a history between those two characters. Well, Deserted explains that.

I’m working on the blurb but thought to share the review.

A little tease: Deserted ;Lethal Obsession 3 by Michele L Montgomery

This is a  little different review since there is no buy links yet but i will add them as soon as we get them.
Michele is one of my favorite M/M authors and one day i was asking her (well actually pestering her about when the next Lethal Obsession would be out. She said she was working on it. Then she surprised me  by asking me if id like to read it, though it hadnt been editd. Well of course I said heck Yeah! So I got a sneak preview! Ha! And it was awesome! Thank You Michele! I love you! So here  a sneak peak review to tease you.

Title: Deserted
Series: Lethal Obsession book 3
Release Date To be announced
Author:  Michele L Montgomery
Genre:  mm contemporary, suspense, D’s((BDSM)
Length: 259 pages
Publisher Not yet published-self published
Warnings: bring tissues starts out as a tearjerker, also a nail biter.
Meows: 5
Purrrs:5 Explicit
Reviewer: Cat
Review: Carl is a special ops agent. You could say an assassin he is also a very skilled sought after Dom. He has had his heart ripped out by his own doing (you have to read to see this but OMG I bawled my eyes out) and hasn’t loved since. Three years later his best friend Tony and boss calls and ask him to do a favor and help find a runaway Italian heir. Since the boy is in the sub scene he feels Carl is the man for the job.
Lucca is a spoiled rich kid and only heir to his mom and dad’s legacy. They are always gone working but made sure Lucca was well taken care of. Sal practically raised him and Lucca loved him like a brother. Lucca felt everyone in his life deserted him and he refused to do as his parents said and follow their footsteps going to the college they insisted so he runs away.
Lucca gets into a lot of trouble being young and naïve and also very sexy and strong-willed every Dom’s dream to break.
I absolutely loved this book. This one tells about how Carl and Lucca met. This is one hot sexy, beautiful, heart ripping out love story. I cried and sighed. I feel head over heels in love with Carl. He is the perfect dream man. Handsome sexy dangerous mysterious, strong but broken in side.
Since I had read Caged I sort of expected the ending but I’m not even gonna say. I will say this final love scene was hot, sexy and tear jerking. Yup I said tear-jerking. You will have to read them.  I suggest you read this one before Caged but it works either way, this just delves into both men’s past more in-depth.
If you can’t wait Here are the links to my reviews of
Tony and Ryan: Lethal Obsessions book one
Caged Lethal Obsessions book two
Buy links are in the reviews.
Recommendations: If you  love mystery and suspense, really hot characters ( all of them are) hot steamy sensual Mansex, BDSM(D’s) and an intriguing love story that will  make you cry and sigh I highly recommend this ( when it is released)

Richie’s Lament

This is just a snippet of my ongoing story…..enjoy…

Richie’s Lament

(Richie is the youngest O’Brien brother who is twelve when Behind Blue Eyes begins.)

Richie sat on the couch in the living room with an open book beside him and a notebook and pen on his lap. He loved studying history, especially Egyptian. The moment his teacher assigned the class to study one of the gods the Egyptian’s prayed to, he knew immediately he would study and present his speech about Anhur. In short his name meant “killer of enemies.” If his brother TJ had lived back in that time, Richie was sure he would have been the god Anhur. He smiled just a bit and thought that he’d grow up to be just like his brother, TJ.

TJ along with his friends in the neighborhood, helped protect everyone who lived in the area against gangs from other hoods. And sometimes guns were involved. TJ had a few guns he kept hidden, though Richie tried to find them he never could. Probably for the best. If their brothers Torro and Ryan found Richie with a gun or even touching one, they’d tan his ass but good and then TJ would get beat by Torro.

“Rich, how’s that homework coming along?”

Richie looked over at Ryan who was doing his own homework on the other end of the couch. “It’s coming. I’m almost done. I’m doing a report on the Egyptian god, Anhur because he reminds me of TJ.”

“Lord. Whatever you do, don’t say that out loud when Torro gets here, which should be any minute. I do not even want to hear it tonight. I have three exams in the morning and I damn sure don’t want to hear those two going at it over homework.”

Richie nodded. He hated it too. Torro was so mean sometimes. And those sometimes really was most of the time and especially to TJ.

“Speaking of which. He’s home. Head down, get to looking busy,” Ryan said as he did the same.

“TJ’s home so he shouldn’t be in a bad mood,” Richie replied sneaking a peek at Ryan before looking back down at his notebook.

“Yeah. It’s okay. Just do your work.”

“What about dinner?”

“He’s late. It’s in the microwave, now stop worrying. Shit at the rate you’re going, you’ll be fully gray by the time you’re twenty.”

Richie snorted. “Around here, more like sixteen.”

“And here he comes,” Ryan whispered.


“Shh, write something, now.”

Richie made a face at Ryan and put his pen to the paper and began writing. He adored his brothers, for the most part. Especially TJ. He was the most quiet of the four of them, and the most dangerous, the one everyone wanted a piece of and the same one no one wanted a piece of. Torro was the one everyone ran from, smart on their part in Richie’s opinion. Didn’t mean it was easy to live with him though. When Richie said everyone, that included him, Ryan and at times TJ. Though why TJ put up with the shit Torro dished out, was beyond him. All he knew was that he hated it. Hated seeing Torro hurt TJ time and again.

The front door opened, a gust of air which smelled like watermelon to Richie, then the door closed. Richie didn’t look up, but he knew it was Torro, just by the way the air in the room seemed to fill of his cologne.

“Dinner’s in the oven,” Ryan said as Torro walked past them and into the kitchen. Ryan looked at Richie who was already looking at him and said, “Oh shit.”

“You noticed too? I am so tired of this,” Richie whispered. He knew better than to speak loud enough where Torro would hear him, especially if he was supposed to be doing homework which should have been done a couple hours ago. Thankfully Torro hadn’t said anything yet. But he would, Richie was willing to place money on it.


Richie sighed and slowly turned to look at Ryan who was looking towards the kitchen.

“And it begins,” Richie whispered. He was hoping to not have to put another red X on his calendar but from the tone of Torro’s voice, it would appear another X would join the rest he had marked. Thirty one days in the month, it was the fifteenth, and so far there were nine red x’s. All of them indicated the days Torro got into it with TJ.

“Shh, please, Richie, just be quiet. TJ can handle it.”

“Hmph, apparently so,” Richie replied as he put his book and notebook on the coffee table. He got up and went to the wall by the kitchen so he could look in.

“Rich,” Ryan hissed. Richie ignored him.

The door which led to the laundry room in the basement opened and TJ appeared holding a basket full of laundry. They all took turns doing the chores around the house and TJ took Richie’s day so he could focus on his homework. Sometimes it bothered Torro, because it wasn’t teaching Richie responsibility and other times he didn’t care. Mostly when he wasn’t home that was.

“How’s work going, TJ?” Torro asked as he sat down with his warmed up dinner.

TJ held the laundry basket on one hip tucked under his arm. He didn’t say anything for several seconds, he watched Torro eating. “It’s fine. I put my part of the rent on your dresser.”
Torro nodded and said, “Put that down and come have a seat. We need to talk.”

Richie watched TJ look up at the ceiling in exasperation. He read his brother like a book. Richie wanted to go into the kitchen and try to stop whatever madness Torro was up to but he knew if he did, he’d end up in a lot of trouble and only make things worse for TJ than they already were.

TJ placed the basket down on the counter and went to the other end of the table and sat down on the chair while taking his cigarettes out of his front pocket. He lit one and pulled the ashtray toward him and looked Torro. Richie noticed the way TJ’s right leg was off to the side and not under the table like his left leg was and it was bouncing up and down. Richie knew TJ was ready to hop up if he needed to, he was ready to stand his ground if it called for it. That bouncing had everything to do with adrenaline and nothing to do with nerves or fear. TJ had no idea what fear was. According to Torro, that alone would be TJ’s downfall. Whatever in the hell that meant.

“You’ve dropped weight,” Torro said.

TJ flicked the ash off his cigarette. “Is that what you wanted to talk to me about, my weight?”

Torro looked away, exhaled and then looked back at TJ. “You can’t afford to lose any more. I have protein shakes in the fridge, start drinking them.”

TJ dropped his head a bit while looking at Torro. “Really? That’s rich coming from you. What did you really want?”

“I got a call from Richie’s teacher today about his behavior and his grades.”

Richie’s heart sped up. Damn her! She said she wouldn’t tell if he did his homework and turned it in on time.

“What about them?” TJ asked.

“I received a call from his teacher a couple days ago. From what Ms. Marks said his grades have gone from straight A’s to F’s over a period of thirty days. He’s been involved in more fights this year than any other. I’ve tried talking to him but he insists that everything is okay and he’ll bring his grades up. However, I know as well as you do that not everything is okay with him. The damn kid won’t talk to me. You know he won’t talk to Ryan, but he’ll talk to you about what’s going on in his head. You need to take some time out and talk to him and find out what’s wrong. We need to get a hold on him before…”

“He ends up like me?” TJ said cutting him off.

Torro’s mouth clamped shut and TJ put his cigarette out. “Yeah, thought so.” TJ got to his feet and grabbed the basket off the counter. “I’ll talk to him. Is that all?”

“Yes,” Torro replied dryly.

TJ muttered something under his breath and left the kitchen just as Richie pounced down on the couch. He didn’t want to be caught listening in on a conversation he wasn’t invited to be a part of, even if it was about him. TJ nodded to Ryan and then as he made his way to the staircase which led to the upper floor he said, “C’mon, lil man, we need to have a talk.”

“Don’t give him any shit, Rich,” Ryan said before Richie made it to the stairway. “He has enough.”

Richie nodded and followed in TJ’s footsteps. They ended up in Richie’s room with TJ taking all of Richie’s white clothes from the basket and placing them on the bed.

“Have a seat, Richie.”

Richie sat on his bed next to the freshly washed clothes, a hint of bleach hung in the air. He hated when Torro made TJ do things he shouldn’t be doing. It wasn’t TJ’s job to correct Richie, it wasn’t anyone’s but his own.

“I know you heard everything he said downstairs. So what’s the deal?”

Richie looked up at TJ’s face and saw how tired he was just by looking into his eyes. There were dark circles under them too, his cheek bones seemed to show more than they did a week ago. Torro was right, TJ was losing weight. Probably due to all the damn fighting with Torro. “Nothin’.”

“Excuse me?” TJ snapped.

“Nothing is. I’m fine.”

TJ sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, his bangs falling back down almost into his eyes, the rest of it fell in waves to his shoulders. He sat down next to Richie and patted his little brothers knee. “Richie, that isn’t an answer. You’d best start talking.”

“TJ, you’re not a bad person, why can’t I be like you? You got a real job when you were younger than me. Why can’t I have one?”

“Because you’ll get further in life if you go to school and graduate, maybe go to college and study something you like instead of settling for something you don’t like just to make money. You don’t need to work until you’re older. You need to enjoy your childhood as long as you can. This fighting in school or out of it is not acceptable. And you know it. It’s time to buckle up. I won’t have it any other way.”

Richie nodded. “Okay. I’ll do better. I promise. But I still don’t see why it’s so bad to wanna be like you.”

“I have no complaints but you’re you. So let me be me and you be you. Okay? Promise?”

“Promise. But if someone starts a fight and throws the first punch?”

TJ stood up, collected the basket and tucked it under his arm and turned to the door. “Make sure you get the last one in.”