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Just a few things


Since coming to Arizona on a sabbatical I’ve learned how to stop worrying so much about accepting what I cannot change and learning how to appreciate what I have and who I am. I said trying. Nothing can happen overnight. I’m slowly seeing the world around me, by myself and looking at it with a new set of eyes so to speak.

In everyday life most of the world or I should say the people in the world are just so damn busy they don’t have the time to stop and take in what’s around them and I’m not speaking about family and or friends. I’m talking about the world itself and the place and city you’re living in. I had a chance to do that and it gave me a renewed sense of energy and appreciation. I’ve always been too busy to stop, drop and look. It’s not something I can afford to do often, but I want to. It’s relaxing and it clears my mind of the projects I must get done. We’re not robots, we’re meant to stop and take a look around, take a breath, see the place you’re at with a renewed sense of wonder. We can’t pop the DVD of our life in the player hit the play button, rewind and play again. We need to learn how to hit the pause button so we can take a deep cleansing breath.

Now, I know busy is busy. Projects are due, children need you, your partner needs you, family and friends need you and you really don’t mind in any way helping, giving, and doing. However, if we keep playing and rewinding, guess what’s going to happen? Yup, break down is inevitable. Be it an anxiety issue, moods up and down, depression, or a number of other physical or mental aliments, a breakdown is lingering. A year from now, two, five, or even ten.

So, in saying that, I want to encourage you to hit that pause button. Go ahead. No time like the present.

This is what happened to me when I hit it.

Can you see it? SQUEE!!! I LOVE LIZARDS. It took all I had NOT to scream and jump up and down in pure glee! This little one actually stayed there long enough for me to take several pictures of it.

I caught this lovely Quail while out and about. This is the male and his mate and kidlets were most likely in those bushes hiding. He’s the lookout making sure his family was safe from predators. Quail’s are amazing birds, very family oriented and they always travel together. The male and female are amazing parents to their young.

This was taken where I’m living. I caught some of the Quail family. Most had already headed to the brush to hide but I did get pretty close before the parents told the kidlets to hide.

And here is a wild bun bun. He’s not a jack-rabbit. LOL! If you look behind him, those dark spots are the Quail. I was standing pretty far away at this time and had to zoom my phone in to get the rabbit. That was a fast wabbit.

Can you see it? This is another lizard! Up close it’s different colored. He was having a tanning moment. And he’s pretty big too.

This is just a picture of where I’m at and my girl there. But if you really stop/pause and take a look you’ll see much more than Abby. Tell me what these buildings remind you of. Look at those “green” trees. Don’t forget I’m in Arizona!

This is what I’ll call the Desert Watering Bowl. Just in case you’re wondering why that part is lying there, it’s due to the “wild pigs” we have running around in the desert and washes. We call them: Havalina. Not very nice even as piglets.

And seeing as how I’m staying with my mum at the moment, I thought it only right that you see exactly how busy it is here during rush hour. Oh the pain of it all! And this is a main road! Now don’t get all troubled, the “snow birds” will be back when it’s cooler out. I hear the wait time to turn is something like five minutes! Again, the pains. In Denver? OH, about twice that, IF you’re a gutsy driver. If not? Just go home and stay there.

These pictures are just some of the things I’ve seen when I put that pause button to work. It pays to take a short walk and really “look” around you. We do live in a lovely world. Even if this IS the desert. And no, I’m not hunting rattlesnakes.